5+ Examples of Landing Page for Your Inspiration

5+ Examples of Landing Page for Your Inspiration

In this post we will share examples of landing page for your inspiration.

Landing page is an essential method to do a marketing on the web, because it will make a headline about who you are and what you do best. Landing page will also transform all of your leads into customers that will be an advantage for your business.

So, here are some examples of landing page that can inspire you to have a landing page with clear and direct message. Enjoy!

HTML Panda

This is one of the greatest landing page examples. It beautifully covers everything, from the company’s description to the services. This landing page is even utilizing the call-to-action button very well.

examples of landing page


This landing page focuses on its calls-to-action elements and its slogan. It’s also showing the list of its endorsements.

examples of landing page


This is a landing page of 99Designs . It covers every information that the customers need to know. But we think the bright orange is an unpleasant color to the eye.

examples of landing page

JailBreak iPhone

This landing page is maybe too crowded, but you can’t deny that it has a well-arranged page with every elements or segments which are so easy to navigate through.

examples of landing page


This is another great example of landing page that combines a good arrangement of commercial statements, video preview, logo, and another information about the service.

examples of landing page


This landing page has horizontal scrolling effects for every pages, and each page has beautiful fullscreen background. You’ll also see the same “Get Started” call-t0-action at every page.

examples of landing page


This landing page focuses on simplicity by using a soft tone color and subtle typography. Although it focuses on simplicity, it still informative for every visitors because by scrolling down they will find more information about this website.

examples of landing page

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